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Taming the Beast

Story by Julie Mankin   Spin to Win Magazine / May 2012 

stw may 2012You could say that a guy who's headed to the NFR nine times and won the average there knows what it takes to win. So this winter when Tyler Magnus somehow squeezed in a few rodeos between roping schools in Arizona and Kansas, his ride was a big 16-year-old bay gelding named Beast.

"That horse is seasoned and solid," said Magnus. "I knew when I backed in there, he'd be honest. That is what gives you confidence, and that is what the guys have that are winning."

Before Magnus bought Beast fro a friend in South Texas, the horse had never been to a rodeo in his life. But he'd been everywhere else and was easily mature enough for the big time. in November, Magnus sold the horse to NFR-hopeful header (and four-time bareback riding champion) Bobby Mote.

"Bobby let me ride him in Denver," said Magnus, who was teamed with Brandon Bates. "We won the qulifier and then came back and placed in the rodeo. And Bobby won money on him in Denver and Tuscon."

To Magnus, the head-horse part of the equation makes or breaks success in team roping - especially the ability of a horse like Beast to score perfectly every single time.

"For me, 80 percent of my heading is scoring," said Magnus. "if I can score perfectly, I know I'll have a chance to use my rope for money."

Here's an interesting theory from Magnus - scoring requires a confidence all it's own.

Attitude, Confidence, Goals

By Tyler Magnus

This month, I want to touch on attitude, confidence and the importance of a goal oriented practice. I believe to succeed at anything in life, you need a good, positive attitude, confidence and goals. In roping, I believe we must have goal oriented practices which includes a good attitude and confidence.